Do you always have a thousand things to carry with you and do you need a large, prectical and reversible bag? Or do you want just the essential without loosing the look? Choose the Devesé bag most suitable for you and show your best side!

Are you ready for the season change? Devesé bag is the bag suitable for all seasons! Remember to keep it inside your wardrobe and let it accompain you for the whole year!

Choose the reversible model Marylin and you will have 2 bags always with you! Wear it in colours and fashion and switch on to the black- side at your choice just inverting the inside with the outside! Choose the little two-faced Evelyn and show the side you prefere in accordance with your outfit black or colours! 

With the Devesé bags, keeping up with fashion has never been so easy! 

Watch our tutorial videos!

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